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The most beautiful lakes to see from above or to go for a swim in the Hautes-Alpes

Here is a summary of the most beautiful lakes of the Hautes-Alpes to give you a foretaste of what awaits you this summer!

- Le lac de Serres-Ponçon

Driving time from Tallard: 25 minutes

Flying : 10 minutes

- Le lac Sainte-Anne

Driving time from Tallard: 1h20

+ Walking : 3h30 (9km)

- Le lac de l’Orceyrette

Driving time from Tallard: 1h45

- Lac du Lauzon

Driving time from Tallard: 1h30

+ Walking : 3h00 total (7km)

- Lac miroir

Driving time from Tallard : 1h30

+ Walking : 2h00 total (5km)

- Lac de Souliers

Driving time from Tallard : 1h30

+ Walking : 2:15 total (5km)

- Les trois lacs du Malrif

Driving time from Tallard : 2h00

+ Walking (4:00 - 10km)

- Le Lac du Goléon

Driving time from Tallard: 2h15

+ Walking : 3h00

It's up to you to tell us how long you need to fly to see this beautiful lakes !

We hope to see you soon in Tallard :)

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